Do you want to become part of USGBC of the University of Iowa?

There are a couple of ways to get involved with advancing our society's approach to sustainability.

Option 1: Check Us Out!

This is your option if you are still a little unsure about what UIUSGBC is all about. Learn more about the Organization and it's projects by doing the following:

Join Our
Mailing List

Stay up to date with everything UIUSGBC by signing up for our Mailing List. By joining you will receive regular updates on projects as well as information on past and future meetings.

Our Meetings

Anyone interested in UIUSGBC is more than welcome to come to any of our general meetings. Come to listen and learn about the current projects. Always feel free to give your own input.

Join Us
on Facebook!

Follow UIUSGBC at University of Iowa on Facebook to keep in touch and stay involved. There you will find information, documents photos and videos for current projects and events.

Option 2: Join Our Organization!

This is your option when you are ready to make the full jump in! Joining UI US Green Building Council is one of the best decisions you can make as an Engineer here at the University of Iowa. It is an opportunity unlike any others that will allow you to network with students and professionals who are interested in sustainability while helping you gain exceptional leadership skills.

How to Join:

Sign in to OrgSync! Follow these simple directions:

  • Head over to
  • Under the "Students" Tab Click Organizations
  • Under "Search For Organizations" Type UIUSGBC
  • Click on University of Iowa US Green Building Council
  • Login or Create a new OrgSync Account to Join

Now you are a member of UI USGBC!

Once You Have Joined

It is time to pick your project! There a rage of projects for you to chose from! Some of the current projects include Lighting Audits, Wind Energy Assessment, and Vehicle Sustainability Checks.