Sustainability Rally

October 11th, 2012 at 3:30 p.m.

Campus and Community Sustainability Rally in Kinnick Stadium Press Box

A campus and community Sustainability Rally will be held at the Kinnick Stadium Press Box on Thursday, October 11th from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.  The purpose of the Rally is to introduce first-year University students to sustainability leaders on campus and in the community with hopes of creating lasting service-learning relationships.  Student leaders from the University of Iowa Environmental Coalition, from Engineers for a Sustainable World, from ECO Hawks, and from the Sierra Student Coalition will be present.  Community leaders from the City of Iowa City and the Backyard Abundance program will attend.  And, University of Iowa faculty and staff, including representatives from President Sally Mason’s office, from Facilities Management, from the Sustainability Curriculum Advisory Committee, and from the Office of Sustainability will be present.

The newly developed Sustainable Citizen Program will be introduced at the Rally.  The Sustainable Citizen Program guides students to discover potential sustainability problems on campus and in the community.  The Program trains students to be sustainability literate, math inclined and information savvy as a means to create sustainable citizens who can think systematically and dialogue democratically.

Space is limited and confirmation of attendance is required.  Please register for the Rally at: . Rally attendees will enter Gate D on the west side of Kinnick Stadium and be guided to the McCord Club Lounge on the first level of the Paul W. Brechler Press Box.  Parking is available at hospital ramps #2 and #3.


For more information, email Melissa Ward at


This event is sponsored by Engineers for a Sustainable World, the Office of the President, and the Office of Sustainability.